Want to learn how to maintain your wardrobe?

maintenance for womens clothing

Maintaining your beautiful threads is a must to keep your wardrobe looking fabulous. Here are some helpful tips for taking care of your clothing needs.

Good quality items need some maintenance, so make sure you follow the proper care instructions listed inside most garments. For quick fixes, the Tide To Go Pen is great for stain removal.  A lint roller is handy to remove pilling on sweaters, and lint on all garments.  A Jiffy Steamer is handy for those hard to remove wrinkles.  Wash your garments in cold water, and try to air dry garments instead of using a dryer.

Proper undergarments will help your clothing drape better and protect it from perspiration stains and friction that cause wear and tear.

Using the proper hangers for your clothing is a must as well. This will prevent material from wearing out in thinner material tops, or leave hanger points on the shoulders of your gorgeous silk blouses.

Its always a good idea to fold you sweaters as well. One of J.June’s favorite investments was the purchase of a Jiffy Steamer. It’s a quick fix for making all our merchandise look ready to wear with no wrinkles. It’s quick and effective when you are in a hurry for an event after work and want to get the wrinkles out of a garment.  A Jiffy Steamer will heat up in seconds.

Caring for your wonderful fashion finds is a huge plus in maintaining great looking clothes. J.June will always be happy to help you review any care instructions for any of your purchases.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding care for your new clothes!


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