Over 50 and Looking Fine

I get so many questions lately from my over 50 customers. ¬†How do I know they are over 50, it’s easy, they tell me when they ask the question. ¬†For instance, the questions usually begin with “I love this or that dress, but I am over 50 and it might be too short.” ¬†I always check out the dress and every time, I see that it can be worn with tights with cute flats or wedges. ¬†Don’t forget, those dresses you feel may be too short can also be worn as a tunic with leggings.


At J.June I really do keep every age group in mind when I am shopping for my inventory.  If you are worried about your upper arms, we have dresses and tops that are either long sleeve or three quarter length.  If you feel the neckline is not to your liking, we have great scarves available too.  Believe me, no matter what your age, there is a way to wear it!


Remember at J. June, I care about your concerns and welcome all your questions and comments.