Do you have the right outfit for a business casual event?

fashion forward outfit for business casual

Business casual is sometimes confusing to most people. It seems that¬†everyone has a different idea of what to wear for a business casual outfit. First of¬†all, you will be wearing something that is appropriate for your work¬†environment. After that is decided, you add something to make it “special”¬†like scarfs, jewelry, jackets, and of course a great pair of shoes.¬†J.June has some great business casual pieces that will keep you looking¬†perfect, not over dressed or under dressed. If you select a dress that may¬†be a little revealing for work, you can always add a cute blazer or jacket to¬†”cover up” at work, and remove the jacket for the event. An A-line dress or¬†a shirt dress is a great option for the office and that business casual event for after work hours.¬†Just remember, whether it is for the work place or the event after work, we¬†have you covered. Check out what J.June has to offer for that special¬†business casual event!

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